Darin Jellison


Hello, and welcome to my new digital outpost for all things "Darin Jellison Music."  Please check in often to see what I've been up to - the latest releases, upcoming gigs, videos, etc.! But first, follow me on Spotify!  

And then.... click here to check out my debut album, "On A Lark!"  Leave me a comment at the Guestbook tab to let me know what you think!

Here are a few testimonials from fans new and old:

Scattered: "I am not only impressed with your hooks, but the warm tones and comfortable chord changes are very appealing to the ear and mind, while the complexity of the layers and mix that you put into these tunes is to be commended.  Well executed!"

Hymn for Kate (I'm Not Alone): "I think you must have said to heck with comfortable.  The occasional dissonance was a shocker and quite cool!  You are still the master of layering - nice work on the uniqueness of it all!"

I Know I: "Impressive on many levels.  Nice driving bass, multilayered with activity, great vocals and backing.  Back to the layers: so much going on..."