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Hello, and welcome!

Join me in another year of new music!

Since you’re here, click here  to check out my debut album, "On A Lark."

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Review of “Impostor Acoustic” from Underground Music Collective 

Behind The Music with Darin Jellison on "Impostor"

Interviews and podcasts:

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 ArtistFirst Radio with Z-Man - Phil Circle, Darin Jellison, and Shenendoah Thompson 

Life, Music, and the Pursuit of Answers with Phil Circle - Open Dialog as a Disruptor, Cultural Evolution, and the Creative Process: Darin Jellison and Shenendoah Thompson 

Read what people are saying about my music:

• Impostor: "The new track might be my favorite from an already stellar catalog of music. Keep up the great work!"

• Scattered: "I am not only impressed with your hooks, but the warm tones and comfortable chord changes are very appealing to the ear and mind, while the complexity of the layers and mix that you put into these tunes is to be commended.  Well executed!"

• Hymn for Kate (I'm Not Alone): "I think you must have said to heck with comfortable.  The occasional dissonance was a shocker and quite cool!  You are still the master of layering - nice work on the uniqueness of it all!"

• I Know I: "Impressive on many levels.  Nice driving bass, multilayered with activity, great vocals and backing.  Back to the layers: so much going on..."

 Play: "I hear a Tonic reference in here, and that’s a good thing!"